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Wopdpress and Geoop

Do you use Geoop for your job management?

Do you have a website as well?

Now imagine you had a customer on your website and they filled out your website contact or job request form.

Also imagine …

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Setting up Links in the Menu

Before you make a new menu item, ensure you have some content to link to it. You can see more about this here.


To start, select the Menu Manger icon from the Quick Links in the Administrator …

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Editing Your Slideshow(s)

From the Quick Icons, click on the icon labelled Edit Slideshow. This will take you to the section where you can maintain the slideshow which is displayed on the homepage of your website. …

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Content Editor

When creating new items, you will be using an Editor with tools that makes adding content a little bit easier.
The Editor provides access to many of the features you may be used to using in Word, but …

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Uploading and Organising your Media

The Media Manager is the main control screen for all of the various images that can be used in your site. From here it is possible to upload new images, edit existing image details, and create new …

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Setting up Categories

If a section of your website contains multiple items that you want grouped into different categories, you can use Categories. Linking a menu item to a category will render items in a teaser view, …

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Maintaining and Editing your Content

To begin, click on the icon labelled Manage Content in the Quick Links area. ZOO can also be found at Components -> ZOO

Manage Content

You will now be in the section where you can maintain your content, this …

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Making a new page or post

To start, navigate to ZOO, either in your Quick Icons or Components -> ZOO.

You should be able to see the sections of ZOO displayed as tabs, these tabs are usually relative to a certain part of …

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Administrator Backend

The Administrator backend is where you maintain your website. You will need to use a valid username and password before access to the Administrator backend is granted.

Logging in

To log into your …

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