Administrator Backend

The Administrator backend is where you maintain your website. You will need to use a valid username and password before access to the Administrator backend is granted.

Logging in

To log into your website’s Administrator backend, simply add /administrator to the end of your website URL. For example: http://www.[websiteurl]

Joomla Administrator Login

You will now be at the admin login screen. Enter your username and password to login.


Quick Icons

Quick Icons and ZOO Quick Icons allow you to maintain content of your website quickly and easily.

Manage Content: Edit/add content to your website.  
Media Manager: Organise files that are used on your website.
Menu Manager: Arrange, add or delete menu items that are displayed on your website.
User Manager: Manage users of your website - delete, add, change passwords, etc.
Edit Slideshow: Edit settings for the slideshow that is shown on your website’s homepage.
JCE File Browser: Quickly upload and delete files that are used on your website.

Joomla Quick Icons


ZOO Quick Icons

ZOO Quick Icons display the different content sections you have on your website. Click on any of these icons to be taken directly to the related section.

ZOO Quick Icons

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