Making a new page or post

To start, navigate to ZOO, either in your Quick Icons or Components -> ZOO.

You should be able to see the sections of ZOO displayed as tabs, these tabs are usually relative to a certain part of your website and should be descriptive. For example, if you have a section for a blog on your website, expect a tab called Blog.

Let’s start by creating an item for one of your sections. Click on the tab you want to add an item to, and ensure the tab beneath, items, is selected.

Create a New Item

Before creating a new item, take note of the other Types in your section so you have an idea of what you'll need to add. Items types determine how a page is displayed on your website.

Click on the button labelled New in the top left corner of the screen. You will now have to select the item type.


Item Types

Item types will vary from website to website but they are usually descriptive - take the examples below for a general idea on how they might be used.

Article: Use this type for general content or blog pages.
Content: Use this type for single content pages.
Profile: Use this type for profile pages.
Project: Use this type for project pages.

To continue, click on the appropriate item type. On the next screen, you can enter information for the new item. You can select the basic settings of the item like the name,  if it is published or not, if you can use the search to find the item and you can also choose categories the item will be in. The Frontpage option allows you to choose whether the item is shown on the Frontpage of this section or not. The Frontpage is the page that displays teaser views of items in a section.

Item Details


Next, add information to the other fields of your item. These fields should be relative to the type of item and should be descriptive of what they are and what you should put in them. For example; type in the text field to add written content, or upload an image in the image field.

On the right you can configure additional settings of the item, including details about the author, the access level and creation/publishing dates. Most of these settings are only useful for Article item types. On the other tabs you can set the metadata used by search engines, make changes to the template configuration and set up tags for your item (see create tags for more detail).

Once you have entered all your information for the item, you can click on any of the Save options in the top left corner of the screen to create your new Article.

Save Item


See how to link your content in the menu here.

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