Maintaining and Editing your Content

To begin, click on the icon labelled Manage Content in the Quick Links area. ZOO can also be found at Components -> ZOO

Manage Content

You will now be in the section where you can maintain your content, this application is called ZOO. The tab menu lists the different areas of your website. Click through the different tabs - you will see that each tab has a list of items for that section of your website.


You can click on the tick/cross icons to quickly publish/unpublish, enable Frontpage or not, make Items searchable and enable comments.


Editing an item

To edit an item, simply click on any item in the list, make the desired changes and click Save.

Unpublish/Publish Item

To quickly unpublish an item, click on the tick icon. To quickly publish an item, click on the cross icon. You can select multiple items to publish/unpublish by ticking the boxes next to item names, and clicking on the Publish or Unpublish buttons located at the top right corner of the screen.

Item options


Unpublish is a good alternative to deleting an item - just in case you want to publish the item again in the future, or just have the item stored.

Unpublish Item


Deleting an item

You can not recover an item once it has been deleted - deleting is permanent. To delete an item, go to the list view, and select the item you want to delete by ticking the box next to the item’s name. You can select multiple items to delete by ticking the boxes next to item names, and then clicking on the Delete icon.


The Frontpage is the page that displays teaser views of items in a section.

Create Tags

Open an item by clicking its name. Now you can click on Tags on the right-hand side and the tag configuration will slide down. You can see an input field for new tags, a list of the actual tags of this item with a delete icon inside each one, and a list of the most used tags at the bottom.

To add one or more tags, simply enter the tags in the field and hit enter or the Add tag button on the right. If you are entering more than one tag, you can separate them through commas. After starting to type in a tag, a dropdown list will slide down with suggestions created of all other existing tags. You can add one of these tags by clicking it in the dropdown list.

ZOO Tags


After confirmation of the input, the new tag will appear in the list of actual assigned tags for this item. To help with tagging, the most used tags in the configuration tab are displayed.
To add one of these tags to the actual item, click on the button with the desired tag name and it will immediately be added to the list.

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