Why is a well designed website important for your company?

Why is a well designed website important for your company?

There are countless reasons to get your business on the web – not only does it give you a highly accessible medium for your services and products but it gives a customer a chance to privately review and learn more about what you have to offer.


A well designed website is key in getting the most out of it. Why? Let me introduce you to the “Bounce Rate”. The Bounce Rate is the percentage of people who view your website but don’t click anything – they’re bouncing off! Whether they sit and read your home page or close the window straight away, they’re not looking any further into your products and services. With a good design and setup, this is what we can change. Even if the content is brainless, we can make someone want to read it just by making it look good!


In January 2013, a staggering 80% of Australia’s population was online (~18,722,000 people aged over 15). This means that you can not only deliver an impression of your services and products to your local area -but you can cheaply, effortlessly and conveniently make an impact on interstate potentials.

Key Online Usage Stats - Nielsen

Key Online Age Stats - Nielsen


With only small ongoing costs for a website, you should be able to see that the potential return you could receive from your website will make it a strong investment for a lengthy period of time.


With huge volumes of people online, we can see why so many businesses and corporations are turning to the web as a way of making potential and even un-potential customers aware of what they’re about and what they have to offer. Chances are, your competitor(s) are online too!


Our web design and development packages will ensure you get the best impression on the public as possible. Check out our websites in our portfolio by clicking here.


Good luck with your quest to making your business the best it can be!


If you’d like to check out some more statistics and information on internet usage, follow these links below.




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