Yootheme javascript matchHeight

Mainly for my own reference because i keep forgetting how this works and i have to trawl through the javascript file again.

Tto match height on other elements outside of the defined template items i have found that:

$.matchHeight('innerbottom', '#innerbottom .grid-h', '.deepest').match();
//$.matchHeight('ClosestEncosingDivID canAddChildrenIds ', 'PathToItem, 'dontKnowYet).match();
$.matchHeight('maininner #funstuff', '.grid-h h3').match();
$.matchHeight('maininner #morefunstuff', '.grid-h h3').match();
$.matchHeight('funstuff', '#funstuff .grid-h .ptpwidget .ptp_mod_desc').match();
$.matchHeight('morefunstuff', '#morefunstuff .grid-h .ptpwidget .ptp_mod_desc').match();

looks like the first variable needs to be unique so $.matchHeight('maininner ', ' #funstuff .grid-h h3').match(); and $.matchHeight('maininner ', ' #morefunstuff .grid-h h3').match(); wont work because they both have maininner as the first passed variable

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