Joomla, php.ini and Magic Quotes

Joomla, php.ini and Magic Quotes

As part of Joomla requirements magic_quotes_gpc needs to be turned off. If your hosting allows it you can change it thorough a php.ini file.

To turn it off all you are supposed to do is create a php.ini file (can be done in a simple text editor) with the following code:

magic_quotes_gpc = Off
magic_quotes_runtime = Off
magic_quotes_sybase = Off

So created the file. but after uploading i went to the CMS administrator section and looked at the System > System information then i looked at the PHP information. Scrolled down to see if my changes had been made. It still said "On", so i checked my spelling and re-uploaded my php.ini file, checked again and the same 2 letters there ON. Can't be right....

So i created a php file called phpinfo.php with:

<?php echo phpinfo();?>

uploaded it to the root directory and loaded it up. Magic Quotes were off... So the ini file was doing what is was supposed to do. Quick Google search and forums we're telling me i needed to restart my server (can't do cause it is on shared hosting and i have no control over it) or create a .htaccess file with php flags. edited the existing Joomla htaccess file, reloaded and the site crashed. So thats no good.

Then it struck me the php.ini file had to be in the folder where it was needed for the changes to take effect. Quick upload of the php.ini file to /administrator folder. Reload my system information page and magic_quotes are off.

If you're having problems with the installing of Joomla you might want to try uploading a php.ini file into the /installation folder and hopefully that will fix everything for you (so once you're done you will have a php.ini file in /, /administrator and /installation

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